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29/05/2009 generic @ generic, launch 290509

‘amor fati’

after 2 years in preparation, today the 29th of may 2009, this blog signals and archives generic’s conditions of existence as a tangible idea (aspiring to the dignity of the concept) and the generic as a sensitive locus...


towards a generic manifesto:

generic is interested by and questions the picture/image (moving or still) as unveiling/sealing and as masking (imago), as cause and effect of the spec(ta)ular,

by the depth/surface and the texture/haptic of the symbolic (order),

by the ‘ultrathin’ and the saturated void of the quotidian,

by the undecidability between ‘to see’ and ‘to watch’, the gaze,

by the gaps of language and the discourses of ‘speech’,

by the impossible neutrality of signs and memory’s processes opacity,

by the aporia of the injunction to enjoy/visible and the tension of desire/invisible,

by the ‘differ(r)ance’ and the repetition,

by the other of the self,

by the image as an evasive manœuvre and as simulacrum of an unrepresentable and inacceptable real (reel),

by the night...



generic could not exist without the demanding and unfailing trust of J.-P.A. (see ‘who’s doing what’ section in ‘contents’) & M.-L.D. (respects renewed and sustainable, always), this project translates/betrays (traduttore traditore) our exchanges, bona fide...

the logistical support and the energy of A.K.G.,

the applications of the steward A.W.,

C qua non ‘real presence’,

the immanent qualities and the worlds suggested and opened, 'actualised'- so far, so close - by the works of our partner artists:

especially Hélène Ezkaercéh for her ‘transmnesic’ reports, Daniel Jewesbury, Toni Garbini and Jépial who are implicated in this project from the start,

the ‘thextravagant’ Estel Beauvais with the Apotheker entity: Etienne Széchényi, Jef Guillon,...

Larry Cowan’ burlesque generosity, with his films/cinema,

the non-Euclidian perspectives from generic associates,

Jérôme Guibourgé’ ‘signs’,

Joachim Lapotre' "mementos",

the Benjaminian ‘passages’ with Tammie and Eran Gal,

the Galerie Susan Nielsen & the Galerie Dix-9 in Paris,

the dialog initiated since a few days, through France Culture - Studio 168n, with and last night’s conversation with Joseph Paris, of which ‘Bordel 2.0’ is a topography of desire of desire, this after Guillaume Carrier’ ‘Toi m’aime’...

thanks so much to all of you,

also an immense feeling of gratefulness for the Odile Ouizeman art gallery's (*) exemplary work, by its agenda, the works it shows and the courage/quest for meaning palpable everywhere, it is a permanent source of inspiration for generic,...

gratitude also for that meeting earlier this month (may 2009) with Odile Ouizeman herself, facilitated by Axelle Balnc who knows what I/we owe her...

finally, Jepial, artist in generic residence, talks often of ‘the time left to live’, ‘amor fati’ then, since art insists: ‘mement mori’...

(*) galerie Odile Ouizeman

10/12 rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais, 75003 Paris

sds @ generic, 290509

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