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generic, flux: “Irish Lights” de / by Daniel Jewesbury, retour sur / back to: “Prehistory of the Crisis (2)

images courtesy Daniel Jewesbury, "Irish Lights, 2009",
16mm film with soundtrack transferred to digital video, 13 mins, stills

Prehistory of the Crisis (2) artists panel discussion.

The Cube, 12 Aug 2009

Project's Arts Centre's Photos - The Prehistory of the Crisis (2)


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"As Ireland experiences recession and unemployment rapidly rises, four artists with a common interest in the complexities of multicultural living come together to examine attitudes to migration before this period of crisis.

The Prehistory of the Crisis (2) will present new work in response to the changing economic and cultural climate, migration and attitudes towards minority groups. The artists will attempt to open a public discussion – abstracting notions of power play and disempowerment to suggest what the future may hold and giving a voice to otherwise muted perspectives."

"Daniel Jewesbury (b. London, 1973) completed a Ph.D at the University of Ulster in 2001, having studied Sculpture at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin. Daniel’s work has been shown internationally, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and Manifesta 3 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Having used many media in the past, including video, photography and radio, he is now concentrating on the use of 16mm film. His solo exhibition at Void, Derry, in 2007, featured two new works shot in 16mm, No Special Place and 10 Monologues. Daniel is also a widely-published writer, in such titles as Source, Mute, Third Text, Variant (of which he is a co-editor) and The Vacuum, and the Northern Representative for Visual Artists Ireland."


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