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generic, flux: “Entropy” de / by Taraneh & Timothy

“A short film made for the Transmedialities course at the University of Amsterdam in 2006, the assignment being to produce an adaptation in the broadest sense of the word.

This is based on some ideas and images from Entropy and The Crying Of Lot 49 by the author Thomas Pynchon and essentially deals with various permutations of the dichotomy between inside and outside / stillness and motion / isolation and inclusion / equilibrium and disruption thereof / etc., the mounting tension between those opposite poles of the spectrum and the subsequent diametrically opposed shifts taking place (one achieves complete stasis while the other moves towards acceptance via ecstatic exhilaration).

The soundtrack is a piece by Oren Ambarchi from his Triste album. Or more precisely, a remodel of said material by Tom Recchion.

While this practically nullifies any chance of providing an immersive visual expererience (as far as realistically possible considering the current viewing circumstances), it is encouraged to watch the film as it is on the page, since the pixelation is nearly unbearable in full screen modus.”

credit: tarathy @ youtube

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Thomas Pynchon @ wikipedia

voir aussi / see also:

Vente à la criée du lot 49 / (Crying of Lot 49)

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Thomas Pynchon (DE/CH 2000/2001)

German Title: Thomas Pynchon

Director: Fosco Dubini; Donatello Dubini

Production Company: Dubini Filmproduktion (Köln); Tre Valli Filmproduktion (Zürich)

Distributor: Real Fiction Filmverleih (Köln)

© Real Fiction

credit: filmportal @ youtube

via Pascaline Cuvelier, correspondante generic @ facebook

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