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generic, flux: “Meditations on black” de / by Karen Mirza & Brad Butler

"... this is our working edit of Meditations on Black. Our process now is to return to the film print / material to project and feel it on a large scale. It may be that it is slightly long or short in places but we will not change that until we return to the prints. However the principles are as we intend. It really should be watched when the projection is the only source of light in the room. Quite a challenge when watching it on a computer! Also the corridor material here seems to have lost detail in the encoding. here it is too black, but I have sent you a dvd without this issue. ..."

crédit mirza-butler @ vimeo

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voir aussi : see also: “Where a Straight Line Meets a Curve

2 channel projection, 16mm, colour, sound, dur: 30mins.

Sound By David Cunningham

© mirza-butler (*)

ici / here

gratitudes renouvellées à Chloe Dragna:

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I retour / back I

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