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generic, flux: "CensorZip" de / by Pascal Dombis, Hong-Kong 03.12.09 - 25.01.10

© Pascal Dombis, "CensorZip" (Red1), 2009

lenticulaire sur chassis, 90 x 120 cm, détail

courtesy Galerie RX

Pascal Dombis, "CensorZip" (Black1), 2009

lenticulaire sur chaissis, 90 x 120 cm, détail

courtesy Galerie RX

“CensorZip explore la notion de censure en Chine et crée un environnent sensationnel qui traite de la lecture d’images provenant de pages web censurées. Un ensemble de dizaines de milliers d’images est collecté à partir de recherche Google de mots clès. Ces images proviennent de pages web bloquées en Chine, mais accessibles en dehors, comme à Hong Kong où la pièce a été créée.”

/ CensorZip explores the notion of censorship in China and built a sensational environment that deals with the legibility of images coming from censored web pages. The mass of ten thousands overlaid images is drawn from Google keyword search, search which is blocked in China but permitted outside, like in Hong Kong, where the piece was created.

Pascal Dombis - "CensorZip" - 2009

The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

Site specific video installation / Installation vidéo in situ

Video software / Logiciel vidéo : Claude Micheli

© Pascal Dombis, "CensorZip" (Black1)

& "CensorZip" (Red1), 2009

lenticulaire sur chassis, 90 x 120 cm chaque

courtesy Galerie RX


Time spirals


3 December – 24 January 2009

at The Cat Street Gallery

222 Hollywood Road

Sheung-Wan, Hong Kong

"The Cat Street Gallery is proud to present Time Spirals, the first solo show in Asia for renowned French artist Pascal Dombis. Featuring site-specific video installations, lenticular prints and large prints, the artist will transform the gallery space into a vivid optical display.

For more than 15 years, Dombis has been employing computers and algorithms in the creation of his dynamic art. The artist is known for excessively repeating one simple process until it becomes irrational and seemingly out of control. As a result there is a great paradox at the heart of Dombis’ work between orderly control of a simple rule and unpredictable results. The process is simultaneously random and mechanical, a machine creates the rule but the resulting artwork effectively takes on a life of its own.

A key work in the show is CensorZip, a media projection which explores the notion of censorship in China. The mass of overlaid images is drawn from a Google keyword search, a search which would be censored in China but permitted in Hong Kong The results are therefore random but respond to a specific line of enquiry made by

the artist. Spin is an abstract work which is cultivated from a proliferation of thousands of spinning circles. The hypnotic video display is based on a simple rule repeated an illogical number of times, causing something which was once independent and simple to appear increasingly chaotic and ominous.

Visually Dombis’ work is fascinating, the viewer is put in a position where by they cannot consume every image because of the vast number that are juxtaposed together, subsequently they find themselves drawn into his time spirals. It is this powerful aesthetic combined with an engaging conceptual approach that makes the

artist’s work so engaging."

site de l’artiste / artist’s website:

site de la galerie RX:

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le pdf de l'expo. avec un superbe texte de C. Buci-Glucksman

"Time Spirals: from the ephemeral to the ephemeral":

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