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generic, flux: "Krag" - "The Ring" de / by Jerzy Kucia, 1978

"A pristine new transport-stream recording of Jerzy Kucia's exquisitely beautiful 1978 film, Krąg. The film observes the cycle of leisurely activity in the countryside through a visual language of hypnotic semi-abstraction - at first glance all appears calm on the surface, but chaos lurks around the corner.

Kucia is a genius of film and animation, and this film comes with my highest recommendation - the painterly beauty and texture of each frame, and the depth achieved with the multi-plane technique, form a work as remarkable as anything I've seen (and special mention must be made of Marek Wilczynski's incredible sonic landscape). Kucia's films are all concerned with capturing the inner life and subjective experience, through atmosphere and mood via expressive abstraction, and they yield more and more with each viewing."

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credit @ New Art & Hawty Abendsen @ youtube
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