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generic, flux: “Staging Reality”, vidéo, de / by Michael Lazic & Hans Op De Beeck, & + vidéos H. O. d. B.

Michael Lazic / Hans Op De Beeck: “Staging Reality”, trailer

“In our modern, technology-driven environment, it is no longer obvious what is hard fact and what is fiction, what is real and what is a performance. Phenomena such as 'Second Life' on the Internet or the biased and manipulated news coverage in many media make the line between real and virtual, between truth and lie a vague one. We humans are addicted to stories and illusions that may help us to deal with our own insignificance and mortality. Plastic surgery disguises the real age of a body and virtual existence even disguises the entire physical individual. The Western world slowly seems to be landing more credence to staged reality than to life itself. But then what exactly is that reality?”

Hans Op de Beeck: "Extensions"

Hans Op de Beeck: "Extensions", trailer (Centraal Museum Utrecht)

Hans Op de Beeeck, Bruno Hardt, Klaas Verpoest: “Happy End

“A gently paced film animation – a boundless wander through imaginary cities. This long adventure is responded to by Aperghis' music.

Composition: Georges Aperghis

Animationfilm: Hans Op de Beeck, Bruno Hardt, Klaas Verpoest

Computer Music Production: Sebastien RouxMusical

Performance: Ictus

Conductor: Georges-Elie Octors

A production of ICTUS and OPERA DE LILLE”

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vidéo: “The Building” @ saatchi-gallery

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