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generic flux: “Images of the Sleeper” de / by Brice Bowman, 2009

Images of the Sleeper from Brice Bowman on Vimeo.

Images of the Sleeper” was completed in 2009.


"Images of the Sleeper" is about the concepts that pour through the Artist's mind while processing feelings during the process of creating. Images of the Sleeper is a free-association of dream-like images of visual poetry while intergrating actual footage of Brice Bowman painting.

In the end, Images of the Sleeper is about the life of a piece of art after the death of an artist .

"Images of the Sleeper" is copyrighted 2009.

“A Note on the Synopsis of my film:

I find it interesting that people always want to know what my films are about, or rather that it is asked what any experimental cinema film is about.

Here is my point.

I was a painter for many years before becoming an experimental filmmaker.

When I was a painter no one ever asked me what my painting was about, i.e., "the synopsis”.

It was expected that in a gallery the viewer was supposed to have the ability to understand the influences in the painting what the painting "was about".

I came to filmmaking having been spoiled with the benefit of being a painter.

As soon as I started making films people started asking me what my films were about. I felt like saying well just look at them, but this question never goes away. Therefore I try to the best of my ability describe more or less what I was thinking about at the time I made the film.

In the painting world, once you arrive at your "style" (I hate that word) generally from then on out your paintings were always about the same thing. So, in a way, I could write the same synopsis about each of my films, but as that seems to confuse a lot of people that I would not expect to confuse I try to throw down the tea leaves and discern the slight differences in the topic of each of my films. Maybe this is a good thing. I don't know.

One last comment on how I came to be a filmmaker.

My paintings were in a lot of exhibitions, and some of those exhibitions were group exhibitions where a variety of media were included. Over time I saw a lot of videos that generated an interest in me away from static images (paintings) to moving grainy images.

Hence I stopped painting, and the timing was perfect as I had been an abstract expressionist painter and had lost belief in the appropriateness of abstract images as adequately representing me as an artist --and had a desire to turn my view away from the wall (where my painting was that I was working on) and turn around to point a camera at the world that I had my back to for so long.

My films are a result of this change.”

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