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"Wunderkammer", Guillaume Baychelier, 2008

"Vidéo réalisée pour la Nuit des musées 2008 (17 mai 2008).
Projetée au vernissage de l'exposition Chambre des merveilles. "

"Lumières 2", Copyleft : Joseph Paris - Licence Art-Libre

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saison generic_films_2009-10

"Le mot et la chose"

/ 'the word and the thing",

sds @ generic

source/ Didier Moulinier @ Facebook


post: 15.12.09

Joseph Nechvatal

uplifting murmuring tOngue Of Ovid

The drawing entitled Uplifting is by Joseph Nechvatal

11 x 14" graphite on paper Date: 1983, In the collection of Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota

The drawing is under attack from Robin Gareuss script inspired by my a-life computer virus project with Stéphane Sikora.

The music I added is from "viral symphOny : movement 2 : murmuring tOngue Of Ovid" (an excerpt). For more info on "viral symphOny" see:

The complete "viral symphOny" was performed at Diapason at 882 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, New York on Friday February 13, 2009.

Joseph Nechtaval


in "Old Photos", source



Richard Barnes

Flight Patterns

“It is, of course, natural for birds to surrender individual autonomy to the flock; according to the Roman ornithologist Claudio Carere, who has identified 12 basic flock patterns, the starlings are primarily trying to evade falcons. But we project onto the natural world a large measure of ourselves. In ancient Rome, augurs studied the flight patterns of birds to divine the will of the gods; part of the fascination of the starlings is the way they seem to be inscribing some sort of language in the air, if only we could read it.”

23.04.09, source & New York Times, 17.04.07



Viral Venture zOOm demonstration

"This is an extract from Viral Venture that demonstrates the virtual camera zooms and shifts.

Viral Venture is a digital art projection (and/or ongoing installation) by the artist Joseph Nechvatal with a musical score by the composer Rhys Chatham.

The Viral Venture projection consists of Nechvatals most recent artificial-life computer virus attacking his digital images. It acts in real time as modeled on the biological viral mode as programmed by Stephane Sikora in C++.

Rhys Chathams score consists of his 2005 composition for 400 electric guitars entitled A Crimson Grail, commissioned by Nuit Blanche. It was performed and recorded at the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Paris. The score is looped so that the projection can run for an indefinite length of time without disruption." 29.09.09

“ contamination instable, essaim avec/sans desseins?, meute infinitesimale, de-formations, corrosions, croissances, an objective trip, a t(h)e(le)ology (the conditions of)...”

sds @ generic, on Facebook, 09.11.09

liens / links: site personnel / artist's website: Joseph Nechvatal





Francesca Woodman, Space 2, Providence, Rhode Island, 1975 – 1976




Taiyo Onorato / Nico Krebs, Wires, 2008

From: The Great Unreal

Gelatin-silver print, 30 x 42 cm

Courtesy of the artists, © Taiyo Onorato / Nico Krebs

voir / see:

* retour au début / back to the start *

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