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generic, flux: Richard Kelly, film - "The Goodbye Place"

pour celles et ceux pour qui Donnie Darko est une singularité (embolie hérétique) de/dans l’industrie culturelle, ci-après un film “archéologique” (1996) de Richard Kelly..., pour les autres, adhérents et lecteurs: une invitation à la découverte:

“ Richard Kelly made his first short-film (The Goodbye Place) while still attending USC film school in 1996. The film was a class project and had certain restriction such as: No traditional dialogue & Under six minutes in length.(It seems Kelly had problems with his running time since the very beginning). And even with virtually no budget, the film still contains some limited visual effects.

The Goodbye Place won first prize at the James River Festival of the Moving Image in 1997... It also played at a few other film festivals around the country."

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