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generic, flux: Circuito Off, Venice International Short Film Festival, 09.09, vidéos / some videos


des films de 42 secondes, des réalisateurs internationaux, un festival:

Circuito Off, Venice International Short Film Festival, Sept.09, aujourd’hui certaines vidéos:

/ “ONEDREAMRUSH is a spark of inspiration that sought to ignite imaginations across the world. The film showcase brought together internationally known filmmakers, artists, futurists and all-around visionaries to produce 42 films on their personal interpretation of what it means to dream. Each film is 42 seconds long, hence the name: 42x42™.”

(en gras les films visibles ci-après / in bold type, the films available further down this post)

Death - Kenneth Anger

S/HE - Asia Argento

For My Dear Dead Dog - Tadanobu Asano

We Live Only Twice - Sergei Bodrov

42 Second Dream - Charles Burnett

Night Of Pan - Brian Butler

Rotoaurorae - Jonathan Caouette - voir ici

NakedEyes - Leos Carax

Ruby Travels - Niki Caro

AliShan - Yung Chang

Astarte - Michele Civetta

Chavo - Larry Clark

Bit Rare Friend - Joe Coleman

The Watcher - Zachary Croitoroo

Dream Piece - Abel Ferrara

DreamForward - Mike Figgis

Untitled - James Franco

Daydreamers:moe moe a - Chris Graham

Liebestraume - Florian Habicht

Rinko K. in 42 Sec. - Rinko Kikuchi

Year of the Rabbit - Terence Koh

Crutchnap - Harmony Korine

Playthings - Charlotte Kemp-Muhl & Sean Lennon

Dream #7 - David Lynch

Tiempo - Griffin Marcus

I Can’t Remember - Chan Marshall

Pop - Ryan Mcginley

Argia - Rajan Mehta

A Daydream - Jonas Mekas

Last day dream - Chris Milk

The 42-second minute - Grant Morrison

42 - Gaspar Noe

An Exercise in Futility - Dee Poon

Horizon - Matt Pyke

Babies are Happy - Carlos Reygadas

Aqua-Rêve - Lola Schnabel

Elapse - Floria Sigismondi

Catharsis - Mote Sinabel

Last Night - Taika Waititi

Jacobian - Arden Wohl

42 - Lou Ye

Untitled - Zhang Yuan

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ONEDREAMRUSH, bande annonce / trailer, full version:

Kenneth Anger, Death” - OneDreamRush

Asia Argento, “S/HE” - OneDreamRush

Brian Butler, “Night Of Pan” - OneDreamRush

Leos Carax, “Naked Eyes” - OneDreamRush

With Helena Christensen

Image : Caroline Champetier

SFX : Mikros

Editing : Anne Souriau

Sound : Jean-Paul Mugel

Costume : Maud Perl

Abel Ferrara, “Dream Piece - OneDreamRush

James Franco, “Untitled” - OneDreamRush

Florian Habicht, “Peppermint Breath” - OneDreamRush

Harmony Korine, “Crutchnap” - OneDreamRush

David Lynch, “Dream #7” - OneDreamRush

Rajan Mehta, “Argia ” (?)- OneDreamRush

? by Rajan Mehta from iooi on Vimeo.

Chris Milk, “Last Day Dream, Life in 42 seconds” - OneDreamRush

Writer: Chris Milk

Production Company: Radical Media

Producer: Samantha Storr

Associate Producer: Brad O'Connor

Editor: Livio Sanchez

Production Design: Matthew Holt

Telecine: Dave Hussey

Sound Design: Eddie Kim

Grant Morrison, "The 42-second Minute" - OneDreamRush

Gaspar Noe, “42” - OneDreamRush

Dee Poon, “An Exercise in Futility” - OneDreamrush

Matt Pyke & Maxim Zhestkov, “A Ridiculously Obscure, Intoxicating Dream of Life” OneDreamRush

Short Film / Onedreamrush / 42 Below Vodka / China from Universal Everything on Vimeo.


Flora Sigismondi, “Elapse” - OneDreamRush


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